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coffee shop


Moscow, 2024

GRAPHITE is a coffee shop that embodies the aesthetics of minimalism in pure colors and sensual, tactile materials.

"Graphite Element" is a place where gray shades and minimalist design create an atmosphere of tranquility. CUpon entering you are greeted by an interior dominated by noir tones. Walls in a single finish add texture and depth to a space while maintaining clean lines and simple shapes. The furniture is made in the form of cubes, which gives the space more abstraction. The simplicity of form and functionality of each element create a sense of sophistication in the overall style and practicality. Tabletop withThe lamps are additional sources of lighting, creating a backstage atmosphere. GRAPHITE  is not just a cafe, but a place where every element of the interior is part of a harmonious whole. Here you can enjoy good coffee in an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility, immersing yourself in a world of minimalism and style.

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