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KODD is an architectural bureau of Dmitrii Koloskov and Daria Koloskova.

Design experience spans private and public interiors, architecture and product design.


Working with space and volumes, functionality and comfort are important components of each project. We use an architectural approach in interior design.When constructing a three-dimensional environment, the influence of light, color and textures is taken into account, if the composition is sustained and has a complete picture, then the scenery is superfluous.

Each project has its own specific concept. The organized environment is the basis, complementary part - the nature of the project, reflecting the individuality of the request, regardless of whether the project is private or with a public purpose.


The main stages of the project:

Discussion of the future project and preliminary departure for measurement and inspection of the object.

Development of a planning solution based on the concept of the entire project, functional zoning and maximum open space. Thinking through structures and elements that often form the premises themselves - sliding partitions, furniture, storage systems.

Detailing the idea - elaboration of the design features of the space, detailed drawing up of a color texture map of the project, selection of materials and lighting. Project submission using 3d vizualization.

Preparation of drawings, the technical part of the project, as well as engineering solutions with the participation of specialists.

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