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Tiny apartment, 40 m²

Moscow, Russia, 2020

In our projects, we try to take into account the problems of small areas and unreasonable consumption of materials (environmental friendliness, rational design, etc.). Moreover, the project had to be done under a certain budget. In many new houses, the question arises of replacing all utilities, windows, doors, heating radiators, unnecessary partitions, since the layout is inconvenient, in addition, in most cases everything is made of low-quality materials, and often not according to technology or by unskilled workers. This is despite the fact that everything is new, but subject to correction. This situation is more than typical for Russia. One can only guess how many tons of construction waste are thrown away when the owners start renovating their new apartments. Based on this problem, we decided to leave all surfaces as untouched as possible. All concrete surfaces are varnished. We decided to leave concrete because of its aesthetic qualities and real texture. Here he reveals all his sculptural and atmospheric potential. The type of surface treatment is as affordable as possible, but at the same time creating a spectacular look. We did not place a single lamp on the ceiling, but at the same time we decided to make the rest of the lighting high-quality and mobile. So the ceiling looks like a clean and expressive surface. All lighting is very soft, creating a pleasant warm atmosphere, where necessary, spotlights are used. Thus, it was possible to save about 50% of the budget for all types of work. These simple solutions helped to reduce the environmental impact and save some of the budget for more meaningful interior solutions. The thoughtful plan of the apartment maximizes the main living area. All household items and household appliances are hidden in cabinets that serve as visual partitions. You can also change the configuration of the sofas, as they are very light, or fold the table and put it against the wall when not in use. The architectural component of the project prevails over color and decor. The entire interior is made in monochrome colors with warm lighting.Every object matters, especially in small spaces, it becomes important to have a bold mindset so that functionality, comfort and many other aspects of design can come together into more meaningful thoughts.

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