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Three-room apartment, 126 m²

Moscow, 2023

The central part of the apartment is the living room; we enter it through the hall, separated by a closet, which is also an element of the volumes that line up the space. On both sides of the center there is a children's room and a master block, including a dressing room and a bathroom. The living room, upon request, was planned more like a living room with a dining room, in which the kitchen was decided during the design to be more optional and without pressure on the entire room. The use of natural wood surfaces gave a soft, Scandinavian and slightly historical character.  Light pouring in through the large restored wooden windows makes the space bright and welcoming. The bedroom is formed as part of the entire space. The podium is a volume that forms the home work area and flows into the master bathroom. A uniform finish on all surfaces except bathroom furniture creates a more pleasant tactile sensation. Behind the workspace in the bedroom there is a door leading to a utility room, which has different purposes: storage, an additional home office area, and also a sports area located on the second tier. This room historically served as a back staircase, along which food, etc., was delivered to the kitchen of the apartment apartment. This space was also designed from scratch, endowed with functions and comfort. Furniture and accessories are chosen taking into account their significance; each item is located in the space for a reason. The absence of excesses balances the interior, giving it precision and purity of perception. Such an interior is not just a physical space, but a balanced combination of time, style and functionality. It not only serves as a habitat, but becomes the basis for life, where past and present meet.

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