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Fashion branding agency office, 94 m²

Berlin, Germany, 2019-2020

The office of the brand agency in the field of fashion is located in Berlin, in the Prenzlauer Berg district, in the new Puhlmannhof complex. The main idea is to create a space not only for work, but also a place with a friendly warm and homely atmosphere. The space is divided into several zones, but visually the interior seems solid and unified. We tried to make the interior sensual with simple primitive forms. And it probably worked out. Structurally, the space is divided into volumes, there is a straight line dividing into segments (volumes). To the right of the entrance is a closet with a secret door to the toilet. Also nearby is the kitchen behind a glass partition. Living room (common space), bathroom, kitchen - everything is like at home. On the left is a small photo studio in a white cube, a meeting room and workplaces in the center. Two soft armchairs where you can relax with a book or a cup of coffee. All partitions are transparent, they are not walls, glass allows you to feel the space as a whole, and cabinets not up to the ceiling divide only visually. We used fairly simple materials (wood, glass) but decided to mix them with the concrete floor to avoid over-saturation. Polished concrete also reflects highlights well, interacting with light and shadows. All windows have automatic blinds that allow each table to be closed separately in sunny weather. Comfortable atmosphere is the principle of this place. The office is secondary in Berlin, therefore it is designed for a small number of places.

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